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15 Surprising Food Trends for 2022

Some of the most innovative flavors are coming from Asia. The yuzu fruit, a tangerine-sized citrus native to China and Japan, is becoming more common in the kitchen. Its zesty flavor is perfect for enhancing dishes. Some of the most notable yuzu uses are in vinaigrettes, mayo, and hard seltzer. In addition, chefs are using this new citrus in creative ways.

15 Surprising Food Trends for 2022

The demand for sugar substitutes and plant-based meats has increased in recent years. Consumers are looking for ingredients with fewer ingredients. As a result, the popularity of “reducetarianism” is growing. The term describes individuals who don’t want to follow a completely vegan or vegetarian lifestyle, but don’t want to eat meat for the health benefits. It’s also a term used by people concerned about environmental impact.

The use of plants in cooking is another trend that will continue to grow. While many people still associate meat and poultry with a certain type of cuisine, some people are turning to more unusual sources of protein. In fact, more health-conscious consumers are consuming more plant-based foods than ever before. For example, the use of mushrooms is expected to increase. Similarly, the use of mushrooms will expand into the kitchen.

One of the most surprising food trends for 2022 is the growing popularity of condiments. Chili crisp is a snack made from oil infused with crunchy ingredients. Famous chefs are now rolling out their own brands of chili crisp. Additionally, potato milk is set to rival plant-based milks as the most popular beverage in the world. It is a definite must try for both vegans and vegetarians alike!

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