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What is Mobile Bartending?

We discussed mobile bartending (a.k.a bartending at events) on one of our newsletters in the past and how it could be an enticing and lucrative career option. There was a lot of reactions to that piece which is why we thought we’d expand on it and provide it a space in its own website. Here is a quote from that newsletter from the founder of about event bartending:

“I’ve worked in many kinds of establishments over the years, from bars to clubs, 5-star and no-star restaurants and also numerous private events – weddings, birthday parties anniversary celebrations, etc. Do you know which of the places I enjoyed working most? It wasn’t the club, pub or 5-star establishments and bartending at events like birthday and wedding receptions. Why? Because the methods are shocking and the environment can be 100x better .”

Consider the idea. Birthday parties are one-time annual event, and weddings are one-of-a-kind occasions (at least , that’s what they believe at the moment). The guests are all down and is more likely for a sloppy grin. If you’re a bartender at these parties you’re treated like the main attraction of the evening (you are in fact the maker of drinks and spirits). iMIX mobile portable bar

It is possible to begin by working with someone else, possibly in the catering department of an establishment like a golf course or hotel such as. It is also possible to own your own business, become an event bartender or operate an own bartending mobile service. If you own a bar you can add the mobile or event bartending option to make extra money. Let’s explore the ways you can begin an own bartending mobile service or even become an event bartender and begin bartending events and weddings.

There are several options to enter mobile bartending based on your current job and/or previous bartending experience. If you’re already a skilled bartender, you can order one of the barstools that are portable at our store for bars and start working with your mobile bartending venture now!

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