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History of Wine

The wine’s history has played an integral role in the globe. It is involved in the making of decisions, ceremonies celebrations, traditions as well as religious and political holidays as well as social caste systems all over all over the world. In fact, it comes with its own dialect. It’s also been a significant alternative to drinking unclean waters in past times.

Regarding the contribution of alcohol to humanity,
wine wins the top award.

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The wine’s history isn’t easy to pinpoint because the precise dates of the time when people first became aware of wine and began cultivating wine is not known. Most agree that it was about 6000 years ago, however, some recent research has been able to establish it as long as 8000 years.

It is also not known exactly where this discovery was made. The researchers have discovered evidence of wine residues in the ancient pottery of Georgia, China, and particularly Mesopotamia. The Bible says Noah had an estate in what is the present-day Turkey.

In during the Roman Empire, knowledge of wine spread across Europe. When it came to the time that Roman Empire collapsed in 500 AD the only solid social structure that was left to be a Catholic church. Since wine was essential to be used in the church’s celebration of Mass, the monasteries were able to supply the majority of Europe with wines from their southern regions.


Despite the differences in religions and cultures across the globe wine has continued to be a major part of religious and local festivities and folklore. Additionally, many political discussions and other decisions that affected whole nations or villages were made in the presence of the glasses (or more than two) or two of wine.


Here are some of the numerous uses of wine through the time of wine’s history.

The the Fables In Fables : A Persian princess was not able to attract the attention of the King, and consumed rotten grapes in the hope that they would kill her. Afterward, she was drunk she fell asleep, then was awakened with the feeling of her problems eased. After the incident her attitude changed and she was able to regain the favor of the King. Then, the production of the spoiled grapes started and wine was made.
However, a more plausible theory is that the wild grapes were stored in clay pots to store and then left for to languish and then neglected. The grapes were able to ferment, resulting in wine.
in Poetry The text contains many old Greek as well as Roman contributions. The Homer’s Odyssey as well as the Iliad both have detailed description of wines.

in Medicine The wine was prescribed as a medicine by the physician’s father the physician himself Hippocrates.


Offerings to the gods In Egypt the wine was usually offered in offering offerings to gods.

in the Bible The Bible Jesus is recognized for making wine from water. In the final supper, Jesus and his 13 apostles shared a glass of wine.


The relationship between the sexes The story is said men invented the wheel, and women invented fire, and the wine drink, and it has been seen as a sensual drink. In the ancient Greek mythology, the Greek goddess of wine Dionysus who was the god of fertility also called Dionysus. Coincidence? We doubt it. There is also a belief that the design for one of the first glasses was molded by the breasts of Helen of Troy.

These are only some of the memorable instances and decisions which were made and are still being made while drinking the wonderful benefits of wine.

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