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Wine With Mexican Food: Starting With The Basics

When pairing wine with Mexican food, you’ll want to start with a simple red wine. While many people tend to choose a light red, there are many different varieties of Mexican wine that will pair well with your favorite dish. For a more complex experience, try a blend of a couple of different types. For example, a dry white wine is a great choice for chicken. Rose will work just as well as a red and adds the balance of acidity.

Wine With Mexican Food Starting With The Basics

Traditional Mexican cuisine is comprised of beans, chilies, spices, and corn. These elements create mouthwatering pairings. A light red wine will be appropriate for lighter dishes such as tacos, nachos, and salads. A medium-bodied red wine will pair well with meat dishes, especially if you are preparing the dishes with spicy sauces. While a full-bodied red wine should be served with heartier dishes, lighter varieties will complement most reds.

Start with the basics. First, choose a wine with a high acidity. A dry white wine with a high sugar content is a better choice. A sweet red wine will be too sweet. A light-bodied, fruit-forward white wine can also complement your Mexican meal. In addition to red wines, you can pair a sweeter wine with some dishes. A dessert-style Mexican meal is perfect for a light white wine.

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