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3 Favorites Customers That Love Sweets Always Order

In the world of sweets, customers have a variety of favorite brands. A recent study by the Center for Generational Kinetics found that customers always order a popular ice cream or a cake from Hershey’s. While these statistics are helpful, the brand preference of an individual person isn’t considered when studying sales data. For instance, M&Ms or Skittles aren’t the most popular sweets, but they are a favorite of Gen Zers and Millennials.

However, there are some sweets that transcend regional tastes, and these products often become staples at upscale restaurants. For instance, in Hong Kong, egg tarts are popular afternoon snacks. In many other places, dessert is a foreign concept, and it’s relatively new. Even in those countries that have adopted this practice, it’s still a good idea to offer a selection of desserts to satisfy different palates.

Whether you’re a cafe or a chain of sweets, your customers love them and want more. In the United States, the most popular sweets include Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, M&M’s, and Dove bars. However, in China, Mexico, and Saudi Arabia, the most popular candy is chocolate. Some states are known for their sweets, including California and Florida. Some states have a large number of local favorites, such as Skittles and Starburst. By understanding the needs of customers, you can provide better service to them.

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